Don’t think it’s the right way, only because it’s the only way you know.

When we are born, we are a blank sheet of paper. Without any assumptions about the world. Not knowing the difference between good and bad. Being fearless, because nothing has ever feared us. This is a crucial point where everything that happens to you, every step that you take, will determine how will you see the world.

Our character grows out of moments and experiences we are having. Every choice you’ve made, every event that happened to you, made you who you are today. We are like a box, that gets filled more and more values as we experience new things. But the box doesn’t get filled with only the good stuff. All the ugly stuff goes in there too.

Why do you think there are bad people who do bad things? It is not their choice to do so. These people are surrounded by bad people. All you need a couple of people who think of it as something normal. And longer you are in this kind of environment, the more you will think this way too. But what if someone is put in this kind of environment from the beginning? He hasn’t seen that you can live a life in different way.

We cannot understand something, that we have never experienced. For example, a kid who has rich parents and he gets everything he wants from the day he was born will not understand the value of money. A man who can fly would never understand a struggle of climbing a mountain.

To get most out of our experience, we need to look at it from different points of view. Do not think that just because you do it this way, it is the right way to do something. Remember that our understanding of something is limited to what we have seen, of what we have experienced and we can’t comprehend what we haven’t. Don’t think it’s the right way, only because its the only way you know.

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  • Gervas Olla Paokuma

    I agree, we only can learn by experience

  • Volta

    Actually, both genes and environment shape who we are. We are not “a blank sheet of paper”, because we have inherited genes from both our parents (which we do not get to choose), which will interact with the environment we experience.

    • ziggycrane

      I don’t believe that genes influence our behavior or decisions. If by genes you mean traits then, yes. And the reason why we inherit traits from our parents is because we spend most of our early days with them.
      We idolize and want to be like them because we haven’t yet seen better.