Beginning of a journey

I’ve finally decided to start writing posts in English. So here I am, doing it. But why? I think can teach stuff to people. After all, for everything I know, there are someone that doesn’t know it. And I read a lot too, so I am actively learning new interesting stuff. Most of the authors out there on the internet is trying to write about things, that will be irrelevant tomorrow. I’ll share knowledge with timeless value, some not so obvious principles that work and you can use in your life. When following trends you are learning nothing because you are constantly trying to catch up on the latest.

One of my goals for next couple of years is to start my own business venture. For now I’m trying to discipline myself, learn all about it and develop skills that would help me achieve that. I know, I know, “start before you feel ready” one might say. I can’t disagree with that, but I also don’t see any reason to rush into it too early.

One reason why I haven’t jumped into creating something already is that I want it to have a meaning. I want to find problems that are worth solving, and that really would make a difference in people’s lives. It doesn’t even have to be big, just helpful. But for now my primary focus is learning. There is something about reading, I just can’t wait to read again. I am a busy guy, kind of. I have a family and job. I constantly have to make time for my improvement and learning. And when I’ve found the time, I have to focus on doing things that matter. One paradox I’ve noticed is that the less time you got, the more gets done. I have an explanation for that which I’ll share with you in a later article.

I bet there’s a lot of other people, who have the same goal set for themselves. I will share the obstacles I face and experiences I learn from them, so like-minded people could benefit and avoid the same mistakes. I am also looking forward to meeting aspiring and interesting people because if you read this, it must be because we have similar interests.

Have a nice reading.

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