Why we give up on our bigger goals

When we are working on our goal, we want our effort to bring results. We want to feel that our work matters and when we do not get results, we tend to give up on our goals and do something easier.

Sometimes progressing on something isn’t easy, even if you are working hard. For some goals, it might take months or even years to see any results. In this case progress, you can make in a single day is tiny, almost none.

How frequently you will progress depends on how big your goal is. For example if your goal is learning to ride a bike, you would progress within hours. Possibly drive independently at the end of your first day of trying. But if your goal is to lose weight, you can’t see a progress on day one. You won’t even see it after a week. Working out and getting fit takes time, it’s unrealistic to expect daily results.

When you see someone every day, you wouldn’t notice if he hasn’t cut his hair for a couple of months. Because the progress of growing hair is slow. You can’t see a result of the hair growing in a day to day basis. He looks the same to you every day. We can’t see something that progresses slowly, we can only notice it if we look back for a greater period of time. When he cuts his hair you will notice it immediately.

That is why going after bigger goals is hard. We need to feel a progress. Without progress, we lose our motivation. When you’ve worked hard, it is frustrating if there is nothing to show for it. You feel like you haven’t got any closer to your goal. But you have. There may be no results at the moment, but if you don’t give up they will come. Just keep putting in hours.

To help yourself achieve bigger goals you have two choices. You can clench your teeth, be disciplined about it and just do your work, every day, rain or shine. Or you can break down your larger goal into small fractions. This helps you to get motivation and feel the progress after completing each of them.

The importance of focus.

We forget things, that’s human. Even the stuff that’s important to you at the time will be forgotten after some time. You need to acknowledge this fact and work around it.

Every minute, there are plenty of distractions that takes away our attention. It’s hard to keep yourself focused, but a focus is the key to any achievement. If you want to achieve your goal, you must first master yourself to keep focused on your goal. All the time. You are what you focus on.

If you want to remind yourself of your goal, you first must define it for yourself. As clearly as you can. Write it on paper. Update and read it every day. Write it on a poster and put it where you can see it and re-read. Otherwise, you will forget it, believe me, you will.

Once you’ve done that, and the next day comes, you just need to worry about doing your work for the day, without doubting if you need to do it. Not thinking about why it matters, because you remind it to yourself daily. You will have a clear explanation.

So whatever is your goal, figure out how big it is. Maybe you can break it down into smaller ones. Have an understanding that you need to progress to keep going. And if you sometimes feel like giving up, it is because of your lack of it. Don’t give up because of that, just understand the reason and keep on working.

Don’t think it’s the right way, only because it’s the only way you know.

When we are born, we are a blank sheet of paper. Without any assumptions about the world. Not knowing the difference between good and bad. Being fearless, because nothing has ever feared us. This is a crucial point where everything that happens to you, every step that you take, will determine how will you see the world.

Our character grows out of moments and experiences we are having. Every choice you’ve made, every event that happened to you, made you who you are today. We are like a box, that gets filled more and more values as we experience new things. But the box doesn’t get filled with only the good stuff. All the ugly stuff goes in there too.

Why do you think there are bad people who do bad things? It is not their choice to do so. These people are surrounded by bad people. All you need a couple of people who think of it as something normal. And longer you are in this kind of environment, the more you will think this way too. But what if someone is put in this kind of environment from the beginning? He hasn’t seen that you can live a life in different way.

We cannot understand something, that we have never experienced. For example, a kid who has rich parents and he gets everything he wants from the day he was born will not understand the value of money. A man who can fly would never understand a struggle of climbing a mountain.

To get most out of our experience, we need to look at it from different points of view. Do not think that just because you do it this way, it is the right way to do something. Remember that our understanding of something is limited to what we have seen, of what we have experienced and we can’t comprehend what we haven’t. Don’t think it’s the right way, only because its the only way you know.

How to find business ideas the right way

We live in times when almost anyone can start and do great things just by himself. There is so little stopping us, and I want people to understand that we can do anything we set our mind to. Not only we can, but need to. You have to have courage and willingness to do it. Yet there is a huge amount of professionals sitting still, not knowing what to create. So much potential wasted.

The approach that most people take to create a product that would be useful is wrong from the ground up. You need to find and  understand what human needs are before you can serve these needs. You need to know for whom you are creating and why someone will care for it. Continue reading How to find business ideas the right way

Today is the (2)

Today is the most important day of your life

Where is your mind right now? We would like to think that we’re present, at this moment, but are we really? Human brains over thousands of years have developed unique part of the brain called the frontal lobe. The Frontal lobe handles thinking about the future and predicts what will happen next.

Frontal lobe saved us in a lot of situations and could be one of the reasons why we are so developed civilization. Although in everyday life, it also can be a big obstacle for us. Because of all the wondering about the future we forget that the only moment that matters is this one.
Continue reading Today is the most important day of your life

Don’t think of work as something you need to get ready for

Imagine a situation – you have a lot of work to do, but you just can’t get your mind straight to start working. You are constantly finding yourself distracted or doing something else to avoid the real work, even if it’s a total waste of time and you know it. The more you think that you need to start doing, or how to start doing, the further from working you actually get.

There are millions of articles and books out there on how to stop procrastinating and start doing the work you need to, but I think that this question is still left unanswered, at least for me. Most of the solutions out there are something like “just do it”, “make a schedule” or “congratulate yourself after the work is done”, which are great, but none of those actually work in long term. They are still trying to trick you into working. Continue reading Don’t think of work as something you need to get ready for

Beginning of a journey

I’ve finally decided to start writing posts in English. So here I am, doing it. But why? I think can teach stuff to people. After all, for everything I know, there are someone that doesn’t know it. And I read a lot too, so I am actively learning new interesting stuff. Most of the authors out there on the internet is trying to write about things, that will be irrelevant tomorrow. I’ll share knowledge with timeless value, some not so obvious principles that work and you can use in your life. When following trends you are learning nothing because you are constantly trying to catch up on the latest. Continue reading Beginning of a journey